Projects Current projects
Customer: LVM, Germany
Topic: Engineering and supporting of Supporting of an ITM6 environment with approx. 3.500 agents.
  • AIX, Linux, Windows
  • Tivoli Monitoring 6.x (ITM6)
  • Shell-Programming
  • Perl/Tk / Tcl/Tk
  • Phyton
  • JavaScript
  • Angular
  • Phyton
  • Flask
  • Confluence / Confluence API
  • LDAP
  • Git
  • The project includes tasks regarding third level support for an ITM6 environment with aprox. 3.500 servers of different platforms and intergration of monitoring solutions.

    Monitoring solutions for operating systems, databases and several application servers are built using standard ITM6 basis OS, DB and application agents and additional selfmade agents. All required ITM6 situations are defined always in collaboration with specific administartors of an OS or application.

    Another focus of the project is on migration of the monitoring solutions in ITM6 to the new metrics based monitoring. The migration includes also automatic documentation of ITM6 environment to Confluence using the Confluence REST/API and programming of several webapplications for managing maintenace and visualisation of events.

  • Supporting of ITM6 system components
  • Consulting of customers regarding monitoring solutions and their integration into the system
  • Conceptualization of monitoring solutions for operating systems, databases, middleware and applications
  • Developing of new solutions for system monitoring with ITM6
  • Creating of customer specific ITM6 situations
  • Programming of an automated task to document the ITM6 situations in Confluence by using the Confluence REST API
  • Programming of a task to create JIRA issues automatically
  • Programming of a REST API interface (in Python and Flask) to set maintenances for servers
  • Programming of websites to visualize and manage maintenances and events

  • Customer: Vodafone, Germany
    Topic: Planing and building up several systems for controlled remote access.
  • Oracle Secure Global Desktop 5.20
  • Visulox Services 3.1
  • A platform for controlled remote access is being built up for client's service providers who need access to core IT services. The portal provides a "2 Factor Authentication" for secure login: Additionaly to a user's password a PIN is required to login. The PIN is provided automatically by the system via SMS or eMail.

    All administrative sessions started by a service provider are recorded and archived in the system's database for later analysis

    Withhin a cooperation feature the service provider can invite other specialists to solve the problem by working together in a same session.

    With the Filetransfer Module the user is able to transfer logfiles or upload patches. All transfers are controlled and archived as well. All activities and changes to the core IT systems are logged for later evaluation.

  • Planning and scheduling of migration process of redundant SGD systems without any customer impact
  • Installation and configuration of new instances, integration to customer's environment
  • Installation and configuration of SGD Secure Gateways
  • Transportation and adapting of client applications in SGD to the new software version
  • Testing and QA of the migrated applications and handing over to the customer
  • Configuration of procedures for session recording, session management, cooperation 2 factor authenication and and filetransfer
  • Complete documentation
  • Training services for administrators
  • Handover of fully functional system to client's support
  • Last level support